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Pionmi Innovation & Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Pionmi) is a high technology expertise integrating multiple professional aspects such as research & development, production, sales and technology. Pionmi was founded in Hong Kong in 1993 and was headquartered in Guangzhou in 2009. Pionmi has been known as the first pioneer of introducing the splendid aluminum anodizing dyes and auxiliaries to the mainland because of the core business principal which is persistence of technological innovation and establishment of the famous brand in the industry and even the mainland.


The product line of Pionmi focusing on the good quality and environment protection includes diversified metal surface finishing agents,aluminum anodizing dyes and pre- and post-processing auxiliaries. The products are generally applied to plenty of aspects such as electronics, automobile, mobile phone, computer, shipping, household appliance, aluminum materials, exercise equipments, cosmetics and etc. As a result, with the advantages of the great variety of products, outstanding quality, gorgeous colors and fine gloss, Pionmi’s products can be sold well worldwide and deserve the brilliant reputation.

Pionmi has been the contributor of the international brands specializing in aluminum dyes such as Clariant, Okuno and ALMAX for years in order to grasp the greater development opportunities. Besides, Pionmi also makes the efforts to cooperate with and even establish the strategic partnership with the other prestigious professional brands in the domestic and foreign markets. With the advanced production technology and well-equipped facilities, it will be beneficial and energetic for Pionmi to be devoted to perfecting the goods and services provided to the public.

Pionmi owns the self- developed achievements shown as below with the excellent technology and incomparable passion on R & D.

2 high technology products of high technology aspects strongly supported by the country;

1 patent for invention;

8 patents for utility model;

4 software copyrights;

17 transmuted technological achievements

In May 2018, is listed as Medium and Small Enterprises of Technology by Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province.

In November 2018, is listed as High Technology Expertise by Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province. 

In March 2019, is officially quoted on Guangdong Equity Exchange. The abbreviation of company is Pionmi, Code is 892417


Hotline: 020 - 8109 8862

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