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Sealing Salt PLS

Type:Sealing Salt Model:PLS Property: PLS is the pale green powder containing fluoride and


Sealing Salt






PLS is the pale green powder containing fluoride and used on anodized filming in the normal temperature sealing. It is applicable for the sealing of the transparent anodized filming, anodized coloring, electrolytic coloring and organic dyed filming.

The good quality of sealing can be achieved when the PLS sealing

is utilized appropriately. Besides, PLS is usually specially

recommended for the aluminum products of indoors.

Working Condition


 Concentration of PLS


Temperature of sealing

Time consumed for sealing



(Optimal Value6.0)


1min/μm, 20 min at most



  1. In order to achieve the best sealing quality, it is recommended to prepare the bath solution with deionized water. Due to impurities in the water will affect the sealing quality, the bath pH value should be checked during the first make-up or in use. Addition of diluted ammonia or acetic acid is recommended for the adjustment. 
  2. The concentration of PLS in the sealing fluid should be kept between 4g/L and 6g/L. The PLS must be replenished when its concentration is less than or is equal to 4g/L.
  3. The chemical conversion reaction of PLS would last for few days and the sealing will be improved continuously, therefore, it is different from high temperature sealing.

Additionally, if the work piece is dipped in the boiling water (70-82) for the short time after the process of sealing, the time spent on completing sealing reaction will be less, the possibility of fingerprint made on the surface will be less, the drying time consumed will be shortened and the situation of hard skin fissure will be ameliorated significantly.

  1. The service life of bath solution is mainly dependent on the amount of sealing products and the impacts of dragging out acid from anodizing solution, dye residue from dyeing and impurities from rinsing, and the pH value of the bath solution will be varied due to the sulfuric acid, nitric acid and alkali from neutralizing tank. In order to lengthen the service life of bath solution, it is recommended to clean work pieces as soon as possible before sealing.
  2. Disposal of waste solution

The waste solution of PLS used contains polluted metal substances that are mainly nickel and cobalt, the polluted metal substances must be disposed according to the local environment conservation

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